Rainbow Revamp!!!

During the summer the Clubhouse got the premise painted. It was quick an ordeal as the painters had to paint while the Clubhouse was open for business. In the end the Clubhouse was given a new look with walls becoming blooming and the place was brightened up with the new paint. After the painters had... Continue Reading →


Colouring in the Bungalow

We have started to do some colouring in the Bungalow. We go every Tuesday from 10:00am -12:00pm. The people are very nice in our class. It helps you to relax in yourself. We listen to relaxing music while we do our colouring. We just do the colouring course in the Bungalow. We have met new... Continue Reading →


Ken Doherty played TJ Dowling in a snooker match in Fairview Snooker Club on Saturday the 6th of October 2018. The prize was €5000. The snooker match was the best of nine frames with Ken Doherty winning the snooker match by five frames to three and so winning the €5000. I really enjoyed the match.

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