In partnership with 'Healthy Ireland' we have decided to take part in 'Operation Transformation' this year! We have high hopes that many members will take part. For breakfasts we have decided as a group to cut out white bread and scones. We have changed to wholemeal options, wholemeal bread and scones. We are currently doing... Continue Reading →


Popcorn Bites !!

We enjoyed making popcorn bites for Healthy Ireland this week. (See recipe below) We enjoyed them while we participated in a fun quiz. The final results in the quiz were team 1: 14/20 and team 2: 15/20. Everyone couldn't believe how close the results were! Here's to the next quiz!! Ingredients for Popcorn Bites: 200.g... Continue Reading →


Ken Doherty played TJ Dowling in a snooker match in Fairview Snooker Club on Saturday the 6th of October 2018. The prize was €5000. The snooker match was the best of nine frames with Ken Doherty winning the snooker match by five frames to three and so winning the €5000. I really enjoyed the match.

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