Crab Claws & Mackerel…..of a Monday!

A bag of fresh mackerel was very generously brought in by a member from a weekends fishing trip, followed by a bag of crab claws which was also very generously given to a staff straight off the trawler…it felt like all our Christmases had come at once! So a couple of the chef hats from the Yellow Brick click into google to see what to do with the produce, and two hours later was a meal fit for a king created. Crab Salad served with seasoned and grilled Mackerel accompanied by brown bread and side salad. What more can one ask for, actually there is one thing….

…..What’s for lunch tomorrow!!!!

photo 1 photo 3


So as you know that this is now second issue back doing our newsletter. Well it has been a jam packed month for us. The Irish Fairy door company set us the challenge of the ice-. challenge and yes we accepted this without a second thought as its to make people aware of mental health Ireland and to get as much money as possible for such a good cause. If you would like to see how our challenge log on to our face book and have a laugh on our behalf .Our wrap trainers are busy holding a lot of two day wellness recover action plan courses in our town hall and have put a lot of hard work into prep for this course, if you would like to take part in wrap or would like info on the same just check our Facebook twitter, or blog .We are also heading out for our employment dinner which will also be include hopefully in this newsletter. We have been busy up in our allotment planting new veg and fruit to use in our clubhouse.



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