Precious Moments by Bernadette Haberline


Precious moments come to you .

They seem to arrive right out of the blue.

They arrive when you least expect them

And surprise you  and you smile.

Oh if only you could keep them

For longer than a little while.

I’ve often wondered how long they will stay?

Will they stay with me or just go away?

Some are small little things that grow

Inside your memory and soon you know

That these moments in time will last.

You keep them close but soon they’re the past.

As you age you tend to forget

And then something triggers them and you get

Flashbacks of when they did appear.

They’re precious because again they’re here

Some you can capture and some are gone.

The ones you remember, those moments live on.


The Dream Club


We are coming to the end of our drama class which was taking place in Red Rua in Tallaght. It was a wonderful experience for all the members from rainbow Clubhouse who took part. The group have been attending the class for the last 6 weeks and they are sorry and disappointed that it is now coming to an end. Depending on funding they would love to be able to avail of the Drama again after the new year. Members felt that they have grown in self confidence and self worth and they have gained the cour4age to be able to speak for themselves. The role plays took them out of their comfort zone and helped to experiment with different instruments and medias while expressing your emotions. We hope to put on a play for the public which will be free of charge to demonstrate how the funding has been spent.


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