Mindfulness and me

One of our members wishes to tell you about how she finds mindfulness has  been beneficial to her wellbeing and wants to share some tips on how to be mindful when we walk. We hope you enjoy! 


I like going out for the mindful walks. We do mindfulness in Rainbow Clubhouse each morning and afternoon. The mindful meditation lasts between 10 minutes or 15 minutes. I have some breath exercises on my computer which help me to relaxing in myself. It helps me to get a good sleep at night.

I feel better in myself since I have taken part in mindfulness in Rainbow clubhouse. It helps you when you are feeling down in yourself and to mind yourself.

When I do my mindful walking I try following the tips below, maybe you might try them and see what you think…

  • Feel your heel and the ball of your foot rub on ground.
  • Notice your upper body with your feet.
  • Notice hearing the birds.
  • Notice nature /buildings, cars, shapes and sizes
  • Notice the birds in the trees.
  • Remember to notice how you move your feet, legs and arms.
  • Move to sounds you hear while you are walking mindfully.
  • Breathe deep – inhale and slowly exhale
  • When your mind wonders acknowledge it and try bring yourself back to your walk and what is going on around you.
  • When trying to be present in the walk try focusing on three things. 
  • Use your different senses i.e. sight, hearing, smell
  • Acknowledge how different things feel, i .e the heat of clothing rubbing off your skin

I find doing mindfulness every day helps me.  I hope you like my story about mindfulness.




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