Employment Programme

Transitional Employment Program:

The clubhouse secures jobs in the community; essentially the club “owns” the jobs and members can put themselves forward to be assigned to the job for 6 months to 1 year. Employment facilitators train members/employees on the job for up to 2 weeks until the member feels comfortable and competent with the job. The club mediates any problems or conflicts that arise during this period. The club is a constant support to the person in this job.

Supported Employment Program:

This program supports members who have gained employment on their own or with the assistance of the club employment facilitator. This job is the member’s job to keep. The club provides ongoing support for members as needed in their jobs.

Independent Employment Program:

Members who gain employment through their own resources prior to or following on from becoming a clubhouse member are able to use the clubhouse for support and assistance as they need it.


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